Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

- Japanese proverb

Making life saner.

DCIDavenport Consulting works with IT executives and software organizations that are under the gun to deliver software in tight timeframes, with tight budgets. These organizations are frequently highly stressed. Often, their best and brightest are in danger of imminent burn-out. They're wrestling with new technologies at the same time as they're being hammered to get the software done ASAP.

Developers want to get their software out on time, and deliver a high quality product. Inevitably, they feel torn between doing it fast and doing it right. At Davenport Consulting, Inc., we know what that's like. We've been responsible for delivering dozens of software products to market.

Davenport Consulting works with upper management and technical management to prove that it's not a choice of A or B -- it's A plus B. With well-orchestrated up-front planning we'll help you deliver what has been promised, when it is promised. Just as important, we help you open up channels of communication with the rest of the company so that you can start looking like heroes, instead of getting hammered on.

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