You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.

- Jim Rohn

Technical acumen. Hands-on management experience. Professionalism.

Chuck Walrad
Chuck Walrad

Leading technical people.
Guiding projects and programs.
Measuring success.

Most software project failures are not technical failures. They are failures of logistics.

Chuck Walrad uses her extensive experience in managing software projects and delivering software products to clear out log-jams in faltering or stalled projects. Logistics means Assured Project Planning and Control. One size does not fit all. Agile, XP, Scrum, FDD, RUP, CMMI -- any of these might be useful. Chuck assesses your needs, your situation, and your staff's capabilities to help you determine what's right for your organization, to identify needed changes, and to help you make a successful transition.

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Darrel Strom
Darrel Strom
Software Build Automation.
Configuration Management.
Release Engineering.

Bad builds and lost code changes are the biggest time sinks in actually getting good code out the door and into users' hands.

Darrel Strom is a recognized guru in software build automation, software configuration management (SCM) and release engineering. Besides publishing on the topic of SCM, he was a major contributor to the latest IEEE Standard for SCM (IEEE Std. 828-2012).

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Carolyn Schorr
Carolyn Schorr

Portfolio management.
Project and program management.
Application development.

If good software is good business it therefore follows that better software can be better business.

Carolyn Schorr draws upon her wealth of experience as a management consultant specializing in Information Technology. Lauded for her skills in 'big picture' thinking she consistently demonstrates how to bring focus and coordination to faltering or underperforming processes and/or strategies. Her IT experience focuses on application management process improvement including portfolio management, project and program management, and application development.

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